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New York is getting Pittsburg. Do you get Pittsburgh?
Paris is getting Pittsburg. Do you get Pittsburgh?

These days everybody’s getting Pittsburgh. Maybe it’s the Jetsons lifestyle; those self-driving cars all over town. Or perhaps that space control center in the North shore. The endless bike trails? Who knows? It might even be Mama Rose’s Jamaican cooking. 

Whatever it is, now everybody wants to be Pittsburgh. New York, Paris, LA, they all want that dash of Pittsburgh color. But only Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh.

Ever heard of the Hudson River? We got three of them. London bridge? We got dozens. The Boulogne park? Ours is like a rainforest. Rodeo Drive? We got Robotics Row, trust us, way cooler and thriving with new jobs. Food courts? Really? Our local markets have alligator, pheasant, jellyfish, ostrich or bison; if you can grill it, we have it.

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