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Stay close. Go far.™

Do you get Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a micropolis – a model of a city with a perfect scale. Big enough to matter and small enough to make a difference. A paradox where less is more, and more is more. A collaborative tech hub with a balance that allows us to stay close and go far.

our tech

Tech is in Pittsburgh’s DNA. From a steel powerhouse, we have rebuilt ourselves as a major global force in life sciences, robotics, advanced manufacturing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and much much more…

our commute

Miles of trails downtown, across parks, and bordering the three rivers provide countless terrains to bike on weekends or simply get to work.

our cuisine

From the raw materials to the craftsmanship, our food scene is eclectic and immersed in creativity, innovation and attentioin to detail. A foodie’s playground where you can taste the flavors from all corners of the world.

our water

With three rivers in town, you'd think we have enough water. But Astrobotic is on a lunar excavation mission to find water on the moon.

our Broadway

Our parks feature surprise mini-performances reminiscent of the world class musical and theatrical acts and art installations we like to enjoy in a context of intimacy.

our tailgating

There’s no sports shortage in the City of Champions. And we certainly know how to tailgate. But many of us opt for the boating route, whether is docking your own or taking a ferry ride to the ballgame.

An intellectual curiosity and a collaborative nature make Pittsburgh a diverse tech hub in transformative technologies. Together we are changing the way we work and live.

Get Pittsburgh

Get Pittsburgh is a microsite of the Pittsburgh Technology Council, produced by brand consultancy The Machine.

Our mission is to tell the Pittsburgh story as it is. Demystify old clichés about rust-belt towns and share the awesome stories that are happening here. The collaborative culture. The innovative dining scene, avant garde art spaces, parks, rivers and trails. All our community is doing to change the world. We’re at the cutting edge of robotics, AI, machine learning and life sciences. Currently developing self-driving cars, trucks, drones and helicopters. Sending exploratory robots to the moon. Teaching the world foreign languages and redefining how we gift each other. 

Pittsburgh has a fascinating story to tell, and our goal is for the whole world to get that story. To understand how we stay close to go far. To get Pittsburgh.

Our Partners

Get more insight on all of the opportunities and amenities found across the Pittsburgh region. There are a number of resources to help you live, work and play in Pittsburgh: Allegheny Conference on Community Development, the Pittsburgh International Airport, Allegheny County Parks Foundation, BikePGH, Catalyst Connection, Innovate Pittsburgh, Innovation Works, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, Venture Outdoors and Visit Pittsburgh.